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Romantic Destinations in Los Angeles

Restaurants in Old Town Pasadnea

Latest Date Ideas and Destinations

Terranea: A Hidden Gem in Palos Verdes with Spectacular Hiking Trails

Terranea is a hidden gem that’s worth a bit of a drive. Sure, there are other beautiful places to hike along the shore in Palos Verdes. And, there are some great restaurants as well. But Terranea combines the best of both. It’s an ideal place to have a good meal and go for an easy walk with breathtaking views of the ocean. You’ll feel like you’re staying at a high-end resort for a fraction of the cost.

The Best Orange County Date Ideas

Orange County is famous for tourist attractions like Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, and for vast suburban sprawl. But, it actually has some really charming destinations that are ideal for a romantic date! Here are my favorites. Laguna Beach My pick...

A Great Summer Date Idea: Yamashiro Farmer’s Market

After a hiatus of a few years, I'm so psyched that the Yamashiro Farmer's Market is back!! (Now it's officially called "Yamashiro Hollywood Night Market".)  This is one of my favorite summertime Los Angeles events! Starting in May 2017, it will be every Wednesday...

Why the Downtown LA Arts District is An Amazing Date Destination

I visited the Downtown LA Arts District recently and I must say it's now one of my favorite daytime date destinations in the entire LA area! It's undergone an amazing revitalization with cool galleries, breweries, restaurants, and hipster bars. It's a great place to...

Have a Great Hike with Amazing Views at Griffith Park

Griffith Park is famous for its observatory, but it also offers some great hiking trails which offer amazing views of downtown LA, Century City, the Hollywood sign, and the valley. I'm going to tell you about my favorite trail which begins at the Glendale Peak...

The Best Mid-City L.A. Date Ideas

The mid-city area of Los Angeles offers some of the best restaurants and coolest attractions around, making it a prime date destination. By "mid city", I'm referring to the area roughly between La Cienaga Blvd on the West and Western on the East, north of Pico and...

Weekend Getaway: The Best San Diego Date Ideas

Only a few hours away from Los Angeles, (depending on traffic), San Diego is an ideal weekend date destination. These are the highlights from my recent trips to San Diego that I’d recommend to you.

The Most Romantic Date Spots in Venice, CA

Venice has a surprising number of really romantic date spots. It used to be known as a low-end beach town plagued by gangs and crime, but much of that has been cleaned up and it's now hipster-central for the West Side. Here's a list of my favorite Venice date...

The Best Free and Cheap Date Ideas in Los Angeles

Going on dates can be really expensive, but it doesn't have to be. There are some really great date ideas in Los Angeles that are cheap or free. Here's my list! 1. Hiking Hiking tops many lists of cheap date ideas for good reason. I have yet to meet...

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After many years of dating in L.A., I feel like I've learned a thing or two about how to meet people. Recently, I thought, "what I would tell myself if I could go back in time and give my younger self advice on how to meet more people when I went out?" I came up with...

The Hottest Places to Meet Single People in Santa Monica and Venice

The Venice/Santa Monica area is one of the most popular parts of Los Angeles county to meet single people. You'll find lots of young, beautiful, successful men and women in their 20's and 30's here. So, check out my list of the top ten places to meet single people in...

Don’t Make These Five Dating Mistakes

Looking back on my dating life, there are some mistakes I made which prevented me from meeting more qualified people to date. This is a personal list, so these won't apply to everyone, but I hope you'll find something helpful here. If I could go back in time, I'd fix...

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